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Name:Miluna Fausch
Company:Pitch Perfect Confident Speaking!
Address:San Francisco Bay Area
City:Palo Alto
Country:United States of America
Phone No:6502825933
Cell No:
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Miluna Fausch
Dr. Miluna Fausch, HHCP, Ph.D.

Pitch Perfect = Confident Speaking

1.      What the Training is:

Building confidence and influence are areas of focus in our customized training


2.     Techniques may include:

Breathing exercises, body language improvement, instruction in emotional intelligence (EQ), training in the art & science of storytelling, role-playing, choosing words that work, training in how to speak & present as a dynamic, influential, powerful leader, taking your written content and learning to deliver to an audience, in a board room or when supervising


3.     Probable Outcomes:

·         Enhance your presentation skills and ability to handle Q & A

·         Look credible in front of your boss, peers, and audience

·         Build your power so that your inside knowledge is effectively expressed

·         Make an influential speech to the board that you can be proud of

·         Have more courage and skill to speak up when you need to

·         Increase your sales and attract new clients/customers

·         Grow your self-awareness and understand the impact you have on others

·         Influence and lead your teams for more cooperation and results

·         Improve your message & pitch so that you attract funds and fans faster

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